U.S. Gun Laws

U.S. Gun Laws

We ensure that gun laws protect gun owners!
At US-GunLaws.com we take your right to bear arms seriously. We are actual gun owners who keep and protect the Second Amendment. When you need an attorney experienced in defending your rights when you use your gun contact US-Gun Laws | Wright & Schulte today at 800-399-0795 or through our confidential online form on the right to get more information about the best legal course that is right for you!

Gun Rights Restoration | Relief from Disability

Gun Rights Restored, Relief From Disability Attorney: As a gun law attorney, clients have consistently asked over the years, if they can have their Second Amendment rights or what is known as gun rights restored. Yes, you can get your gun rights restored! When Ohio has taken your rights away, Ohio has also provided a way for you to get your rights back. One way to do it is through a Relief from Disability application. Some of my clients have lost their gun rights for various reasons from convictions of felony offenses of violence to drug felonies, dishonorable discharge from the military to mental health hospitalizations. But after we submitted a “Relief from Disability” application with the courts, and appeared before a judge, they were able to get their gun rights restored.

NFA Gun Trusts

The Second Amendment declares that the right of all citizens of the United States to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. Nationally, this means every United States citizen has the right to own rifles, handguns, and shotguns when in compliance with state and national regulations including Class III. For the safety and legal protection of Class III gun owners, it is recommended that Class II firearm owners establish a NFA Gun Trust…
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