Virginia Will Stop Honoring Ohio CCW

After February 1, 2016, the state of Virginia Will Stop Honoring Ohio CCW permits since Ohio less restrictive gun permit laws. See

Impact of

Virginia Will Stop Honoring Ohio CCWVirginia Will Stop Honoring Ohio CCW

How does this impact the average person with an Ohio concealed carry permit? It means that driving interstate through Virginia with a firearm just became much more difficult. That road trip to Civil War battlefields with the kids or a family vacation in the Carolinas will come with additional hurdles if you want to bring your firearms with you.

But before you cancel a long-awaited trip or sketch out a five hour detour, remember that Erik Blaine and Wright & Schulte are available to provide clients legal advice regarding how to legally transport firearms from state to state. Call today for legal advice customized to your needs, wherever you are headed!

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