Restore Veterans Gun Rights

Restore Veterans Gun Rights

For years I have been helping clients restore gun rights once lost, the US House of Representatives is now helping by passing H.R. 1181 to Restore Veterans Gun Rights. The Veteran’s 2nd Amendment Protection Act helps to undo the Obama resolutions to Social Security Administration and Veterans Affairs that stripped our veterans of their right to bear arms.

It is easier to restore gun rights for people who have a record than it is to restore gun rights of veterans. Bureaucratic decisions made any veteran who wanted someone else to manage his/her finances and benefits into ‘mental defectives.’ So many veterans of World War II, Korea, Vietnam, and others lost their gun rights because of decisions without hearing. They were stripped of due process, and once the decisions had been made the Obama administration ensured that there was not process to restore gun rights of veterans.

It is difficult to imagine what financial and investment saviness have to do with mental defectiveness. Under these definitions maybe any one who doesn’t manage their own retirement accounts or has a broker or financial adviser could lose their Second Amendment Rights.

The Veteran’s 2nd Amendment Protection Act helps correct this perversion of constitutional rights by making sure that the only way a Veteran or recipient of benefits could would be reported to NICS is if they are adjudicated so by a judge or magistrate. That’s something known as DUE PROCESS!

Restore Veterans Gun Rights

Passage in the House is one thing, but until H.R. 1181 becomes law I will still be helping to protect and restore veterans gun rights, and those of service members, and civilians. I’ve had several cases that have helped change the landscape of gun law and enjoy helping clients and educating other attorneys, judges, and legislators in this complex legal arena where Constitutional Rights are anything but certain.

I and the attorneys at Wright & Schulte LLC are ready to quickly respond to client situations and help to preserve your Constitutional Rights.

Erik has in-depth experience in firearms law. Using his knowledge of estate planning, firearms issues, and significant state and Federal licenses Erik has counseled hundreds of individuals guiding them through gun law cases, criminal defense, restoration of rights, and NFA issues. He vigilantly researches new laws, rules, and procedures as well as specific firearms and is a sought after speaker and legal representative on firearm laws, gun rights restoration, criminal defense, FFL representation, Concealed Carry Permit laws, and NFA Gun Trusts.

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