Ohio CCW/CHL Training

Guns-Weapons-6As many of my clients know, on Friday (12/19/2014) one of the most sweeping pro-gun bills Ohio has seen was signed by Governor Kasich, Am. Sub. H.B. 234. For those looking to get their concealed handgun license (CHL), this bill reduces the required number of training hours from 12 down to 8 hours for an Ohio CCW/CHL trainng!

Even though the bill was signed by the Governor this does not mean that the law starts immediately, in fact it is just the opposite. This bill, like other regular session (non-emergency) bills ,will take effect 90 days AFTER the governor’s signature. So until March 19, 2015, ALL CHL applicants must still have completed TWELVE hours of training before applying.

Ohio CCW/CHL Training

Already there are people offering 8-hour training classes so be very careful. If you take one of these classes, at best you will not be able to apply for your CHL until AFTER March 19, 2015. If you did take the 8 hour class and applied now, the sheriff would be required to deny your application and from that point forward whenever you applied for a CHL you would have to indicate that you had been previously denied. A previously denial is a huge red-flag for sheriff’s offices and will typically result in your application being unnecessarily delayed.

If you are unsure about whether you have taken the right class or whether you are scheduling a class with reputable instructors, I am happy to help you determine whether you have completed the correct requirements and help guide you in ensuring your application is as complete as possible.

Erik R. Blaine, Esq.

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