Ohio CCW Changes

On March 21, 2017, Ohio is getting a much needed updated to its concealed handgun license laws (CHL / CCW) (Ohio CCW Changes SB199 here).

The Ohio CCW Changes include:

  • Allowing active duty military members to carry a concealed handgun without having to actually acquire a license;
  • Allowing citizens with their CHL to keep handguns locked in their motor vehicle while on school grounds;
  • To prohibit businesses from banning a CHL holder from transporting or storing a handgun or ammo when the handgun or ammo is locked in a privately-owned motor vehicle;
  • Allowing citizens with their CHL to carry in the following areas:
    1. Day-Care centers;
    2. Private aircraft;
    3. Non-secure areas of airports;
  • Allow universities and governmental entities to decide if concealed handguns are allowed on their own premises;


These laws are a good step forward in clearing up our CHL laws however there is still a long way to go. Also, these laws do not prevent businesses and institutions from posting NO GUN signs to block legal CHL carry. If you carry a firearm onto property with a NO GUN sign you may be violating criminal law and subject to prosecution so know your rights, but also be very aware of the limitations.

I and the attorneys at Wright & Schulte LLC are ready to quickly respond to client situations and help to preserve your Constitutional Rights. If you are stopped by law enforcement for a criminal violation call us immediately to ensure your protection.

Erik has in-depth experience in firearms law. Using his knowledge of estate planning, firearms issues, and significant state and Federal licenses Erik has counseled hundreds of individuals guiding them through gun law cases, criminal defense, restoration of rights, and NFA issues. He vigilantly researches new laws, rules, and procedures as well as specific firearms and is a sought after speaker and legal representative on firearm laws, gun rights restoration, criminal defense, FFL representation, Concealed Carry Permit laws, and NFA Gun Trusts.

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