Ohio CCW Approved as Background Check

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Having a valid Ohio Concealed Handgun License (CHL) means your Ohio CCW approved as background check when you want to buy a gun. This compliance agreement was announced today by the ATF and the Ohio Attorney General’s Office. This change is due to the ATF certifying that the Ohio CHL process is a valid NICS-complaint background check for firearm purchases.

Ohio CCW Approved as Background Check

This means that when you buy a firearm, instead of having to wait around for a NICS result that too often results in our most law-abiding citizens having a hold or delay or frequent system outages, you will be able to show your Ohio CHL instead. The Federal Firearms License holder (FFL) will still have to have you complete a ATF Form 4473 and show your driver’s license but that along with your Ohio CHL (issued after March 23, 2015) is all you’ll need.

Common Sense Gun Control

This new approach will also allow the focus of the NICS investigation to be on those trying to make illegal purchases. This is true common sense gun control, trusting law-abiding citizens. In fourth quarter of 2015, a total of 30,697 CHLs were issued or renewed and only 68 were revoked! That’s 0.2% of just the ones issued/renewed!!! See the full county-by-county stats here.

Getting your CHL so that your Ohio CCW approved as background check is key to this process and to make sure you do it correctly you want to get the proper training though an accredited course and make sure you have a knowledgeable pro-Second Amendment attorney on your side in case you ever need to use your gun to defend yourself or your loved ones.

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