Obama attacks Ohio NFA Gun Trusts through ATF Executive Orders


This week Ohio NFA Gun Trusts and all NFA Gun Trusts have come under attack from the White House.  The White House announced an executive order which indicates the administration’s desire to change the current codes and require trusts and corporations to submit a Chief law enforcement officer certification, NICS check, fingerprint cards, photographs, certificate of citizenship for every responsible party.  Further efforts to towards the ultimate goals of a national gun registry and the desire to ban firearms.

I have received numerous phone calls and emails from clients asking what this means regarding their Ohio NFA Gun Trusts.  These executive proclamations are not code nor are they law.  There is a strict procedure that must be followed to change the Code of Federal Regulations.  The Obama administration has just started the first step, the Notice of Proposed Rulemaking. The time to make your public comments is now, during the 90-day public comment period.  A great synopsis of effective comment submission is from Attorneys Joshua Prince and Tom Odom here.

Full text of the Rule proposal is here –  ATF rule Proposal

I encourage every second amendment supporter to contact your legislators, make public comment and safeguard your rights, lest they be eroded before your feet.

Ohio NFA Gun Trusts

I have designed our Ohio NFA Gun Trusts to be amended from time to time, and if these rules change we will work with our clients to make any necessary changes.  Our Ohio NFA Gun Trusts are not losing any of their protective capabilities of your NFA items.  Our Ohio NFA Gun Trust still provides for proper transfer of items and safekeeping, while at the same time protecting loved ones.

As the proposed  rule making continues I will continue to keep you in the loop and provide the same quality representation my clients have come to expect over the years.

Our Ohio NFA Gun Trusts are specially designed for their NFA purpose and are NOT general trusts which do not adequately cover the special issues of these unique and very enjoyable firearms.

Call (937) 435-9999 or email today so I can get started writing Your Ohio NFA Gun Trust so you can enjoy and grow your collection now!

–          Erik R. Blaine, Esq. – EBlaine@LegalDayton.com




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