New Ohio Gun Laws Starting Today!

Today marks a new day as new Ohio gun laws starting today in Ohio! Gov. Kasich signed the bill into law back in December which some sweeping changes to Ohio Gun Owners:

Ohio-Statehouse-3A new state law effective today, Mar. 23rd 2015, will allow hunters to use suppressors on guns; permit Ohioans to buy rifles, shotguns and ammunition from any state; and implement a more-rigorous background check for concealed-carry permits. It also reduces the training required to get one of those permits down to 8 hours, from the previous 12, including some of it online for the first time; changes the definition of an “automatic” weapon; and makes concealed-carry permits issued from other states valid in Ohio, even without a reciprocity agreement.

  • CHL Training Requirement Reduction – with the new Ohio gun laws starting today those citizens wanting a Concealed Handgun License (CHL or CCW) only need to complete 8-hours of training. Of this 8-hours there must be 2-hours of range time. These are the minimums required by law and do keep in mind that your shooting skills are perishable and it is wise to seek out further training and instruction. The better trained you are the better your chances of accurate self-defense and rounds on target to stop the threat!
  • Silences/Suppressors for Hunting – the provision of the new Ohio gun laws starting today that I’m most personally excited about is finally being able to hunt with suppressors! As a gun lawyer and former prosecutor, I’ve enjoyed suppressors for years through my NFA Trusts. Now when you see that 10-point buck, that pesky squirrel, and most of all the wily coyote! So long as you have a valid Ohio Hunting License and legally own the suppressor (through a NFA Trust or otherwise), you don’t have to blow out your ears with the shot from your stand, blind, or box.
  • NICS Compliance for Background Checks – when you apply for your concealed handgun license (CHL or CCW), the Sheriff will be also checking the National Instant Criminal Background Check System. This means a lot for gun owners, foremost of which is the expansion in the number of states that recognize and honor the Ohio CHL. As of March 23, 2015, Georgia and Colorado will be honoring Ohio license, and soon Texas and Wisconsin should soon be on board as well. This also means that eventually, anyone who qualifies for a CHL processed as NICS Compliant can streamline the purchase of future guns and avoid delays since a dealer will not have to call in to the NICS system.
  • Shall Sign provisions – the new Ohio gun laws starting today also require chief law enforcement officers to sign off in 45 days on NFA applications that so long as the person pays for a background check. This does NOT change law that requires you also delay the application with fingerprints and photographs, nor allow anyone else to possess or have access to the NFA firearm as those are federal laws that apply to individuals.
  • Correcting a Bizarre Definition – the new Ohio gun laws starting today include also the correction of the statutory definition of “automatic firearm” meaning what we all know of as an automatic firearm, that is a gun that can fire more than one round with a single pul of the trigger, will be the only definition of automatic firearm. Up until today any gun that had a loaded magazine that could fire more than 30 rounds without reloading was considered an automatic firearm! So those 33-rnd Glock mags, the 40-rnd AK and HK magazines, and everyone’s favorite 100-rnd AR Beta mags are now legal to load and shoot!

These new Ohio gun laws starting today are absolutely outstanding and long overdue. I represent individuals, firearms dealers, ranges and clubs that will all be greatly impacted by the changes. I look forward to serving your firearms needs as we continue to fight for freedoms, especially our fundamental rights!

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