National Firearms Act Day of Reckoning – Call to Action

The recent proposed National Firearms Act (NFA) regulations and action announced by the White House last week is a direct assault on the legal ownership of NFA items – more information here.    This attempt to subvert Congressional oversight can be stopped if NFA and Second Amendment supporters call on and work together.  Thus September 3, 2013, is being declared National Firearms Act Day of Reckoning.

While the proposed regulation, ATF Rule Identification Number (RIN) 1140-AA43 also known as ATF 41P, will not change the rules overnight, it is important to act swiftly and consistently.  ATF 41P is an administrative rulemaking procedure, it is not a change to the US Code.  Changes to the US Code (US Code authorizes Trust & Corporate ownership) require Congressional action.  Having been defeated numerous times on previous attempts to ban, limit and restrict gun ownership, the White House has found a way they can still flex their control by this rulemaking which does not need Congressional oversight or approval.

Day of Reckoning – What You Can Do

With that being said, what seems like a lost cause is not.  Congress can still intervene in several ways, primarily voicing their opposition to ATF 41P.   Many may not even know what is happening.

I urge you to contact your Senators and Representatives both Federal and State to urge them to oppose ATF 41P.  In an effort to help, we’re working with the Pennsylvania Prince Law Office and Firearms Industry Consulting Group to raise awareness.  The following letters have been drafted to aid in informing your representatives of your position on this matter and how their decision will affect the next election cycle.

Sample letter for US Senators –Senate Letter Here

Sample Letter for US Representatives –House Letter Here

Sample letter for State Senators, Representatives and State Elected Officials –State Letter Here


Send the letters out today so that this preemptive measure has the greatest effect possible.  


– Erik R. Blaine, Esq.

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