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Relief from Disability

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Police-Crossed-ArmsAt we take your right to bear arms seriously. We are actual gun owners who keep and protect the Second Amendment however this right can be taken from you for certain reasons. Criminal felony convictions, domestic violence convictions, drug offenses, a dishonorable discharge from the military, can all result in you becoming prohibited to own or even possess firearms. This prohibition is known as a disability. While completion of your sentence will be enough to restore your right to vote or hold office, your firearms disability does not automatically restore.

If you are under this disability to own firearms, and choose to possess a firearm then you may find yourself facing more criminal penalties, including federal charges! Federally you can be sentenced to 10 years in prison for violations. Simple possession is a felony offense of the third degree in Ohio.

Several other states and the federal government allow you to secure a Relief from Disability through statute. The Relief from Disability seek to restore your right to bear arms through application typically made to the Courts. Relief from Disability only restores your right to bear arms and has no impact on the rest of your record. While the pardon process length is uncertain, the relief from disability can occur more quickly. This process requires application made to the courts who will give the prosecuting / district attorney the chance to object to the application. If an objection occurs then the applicant will have to show why he/she should be restored. Let’s use Ohio as an example here – after your entire sentence has been completed we can file the application under R.C. § 2923.14 to the common pleas court, then fight for your rights and prove your case in front of a judge. The Relief from Disability allows more certainty in the process AND the outcome.

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