CCW / CHL / Self-Defense Defense

CCW / CHL / Self-Defense Defense

target-shooting-gun-lawsAt we take your right to bear arms seriously. We are actual gun owners who know you may need to use your firearm to protect yourself or your loved ones. When this happens your world will be erupting in noise, light, and adrenaline, this is not the time you want to be searching through the phone book looking for a lawyer. Just like you needed immediate protection for yourself and your family, you need immediate protection for your rights! This protection comes in the form of your Attorney, not from the men and women in police uniforms. The police have their job to do, they are not looking out for your best interests and not there to protect your rights. As a former prosecutor, I am keenly aware of the stresses and the pressure put on people by police, pressure that cracks innocent people.

Even if the police are really on your side, you may even face an overzealous, anti-gun prosecutor / DA who will want to make an example of you and the “evils” of guns. Do not be their example!

The moments after a defensive shooting are the most crucial, your first words to police will be remembered, recorded, replayed over and over again. Some of your first, and your LAST words to police should be “I want my attorney, call Wright & Schulte,, Erik R. Blaine.” Saying this clearly, definitely, and without hesitation so that we can defend your rights and make sure you get the protections that the Constitution provides.

It’s for this reason that we have the Firearms Owners Rapid Counsel Engagements (“FORCE”) plans. The FORCE Plans ensure that you have counsel ready to respond quickly to your needs. With each FORCE Plan, you will have an information card provided that you keep with you to remind you of not only your rights but also our immediate contact information so we can be by your side when you need us most.

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At we take your right to bear arms seriously. We are actual gun owners who keep and protect the Second Amendment. When you need an attorney experienced in defending your rights when you use your gun contact US-Gun Laws | Wright & Schulte today at 800-399-0795 or through our confidential online form on the right to get more information about the FORCE Plan right for you! We ensure that gun laws protect gun owners!