Hunting Ohio with Silencers-Suppressors

Hunting Ohio with silencers-suppressors is close to being reality! Yesterday, December 9th, the Ohio Senate passed, with a few changes, Sub HB 234, which would allow hunters to hunt in Ohio with silencers-suppressors. All that’s needed now is signature by Gov. Kasich (R) to make the bill law. Hopefully Gov. Kasich will give us all an early Christmas present (Yes Please Governor)!  You can Contact the Governor and let him know your support of the measure too.

Once signed into law, hunters can use suppressors to hunt wild game birds and wild quadrupeds. So duck, deer, coyote and other hunters will be able to protect our ears with these wonderful safety devices (I think I’ll be ordering a shotgun suppressor through my NFA Trust soon).

Hunting Ohio with Silencers-Suppressors Ownership

This great step foward dovetails well with the decision earlier this year to allow straight-walled cartridges for deer hunting.  2014 has been a great year for Ohio hunters and gun owners!  You can read more on straight-walled cartridge hunting HERE.

However no matter which type of game is being sought, those hunting Ohio with silencers-suppressors still have to have proper possession of the suppressor under the National Firearms Act (NFA). NFA ownership is a complex matter that goes far and above that of standard firearms ownership, requiring application and licensing through the ATF –  find out more about proper NFA Ownership.


-Erik R. Blaine

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