ATF NFA Enforcement Branch Gets New Examiners and Upgrades to Help with NFA Gun Trust

New Examiners

Like most of my clients, I have been waiting on the over-worked examiners at the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco, Firearms & Explosives (“BATFE” formerly the ATF) to process some transfers to my Ohio NFA Gun Trust and have been calling the BATFE NFA Enforcement Branch regularly for updates.  Well two weeks ago I got some good news overall, the BATFE’s 9 new examiners that were hired several months ago, are expected to come online soon!  This will increase the active examiners to 30 that can review Gun Trusts.  This increase in staff will help with the backlog of applications.

Online eForms

At the time of my call, I thought the BATFE person I spoke with used the term “online” in an interesting way.  Well, just last week the BATFE rolled out electronically submitted National Firearms Act (“NFA”) transfer forms!  The industry and market have been clamoring for these online eForms. Hopefully this will increase the overall efficiency of the BATFE NFA Enforcement Branch and decrease processing times, which are currently taking 9 months.

While only a Federal Firearms Licensee (FFL) may submit forms 2, 3, 4, 5, and 9 for NFA Gun Trusts at this time, and only on MS Explorer 8, we should soon see these issues resolved.  This upgrade also allows payment of the transfer tax to be done via which is the same site used by the Federal Courts and other agencies.

NFA Gun Trust

These forms make the transfer to an Ohio NFA Gun Trust possible electronically since no additional images need to be submitted, unlike a transfer to an individual.  I have notified the FFLs I represent about this change but make sure you tell FFL about it as well.  If you or your FFL has any questions about these forms, the transfer process or NFA Gun Trusts give me a call or email so I can help ease the process.

Our Ohio NFA Gun Trusts are specially designed for their NFA purpose and are NOT general trusts which do not adequately cover the special issues of these unique and very enjoyable firearms.

Call (937) 435-9999 or email today ( so I can get started writing Your Ohio NFA Gun Trust so you can enjoy and grow your collection now!

–          Erik R. Blaine, Esq. –

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