ATF eForms Back Online

While meeting personally with client on his NFA Gun Trust I received the email from the ATF that the ATF eForms Back Online.  Well, Form 1s are back online as of 3:00PM today.

ATF eForms Back Online

Along with the ATF eForms Back Online the ATF has also announced that not only are 15 more examiners being hired, but “the use of overtime funding has been authorized for those processing NFA applications.” You can see a copy of the email by clicking ATF eForms Email.

Though we don’t know exactly when the Form 4 ATF eForms back online announcement will be made this is a huge step in the right direction.  Additionally in the last few months the ATF has reduced the backlog of pending applications by a whopping 23% and are processing over 6,000 applications each week moving forward!

Form 1

This is fantastic news as June was originally going to be the end of one of the biggest benefits that NFA Gun Trusts have due to executive orders which have now been postponed.  This trend of the ATF personnel doing a great job despite political pressure will hopefully continue as the ATF eForms back online announcement should soon includeFor 4s!

Form 1 is the needed form for someone with a properly drafted NFA Gun Trust to get permission to make your own NFA item. This is the one you need to turn that regular AR-15 lower into a short-barrel rifle, or to assemble the baffles and tube to make your own suppressor!

Our NFA Gun Trusts are specially designed for their NFA purpose and are NOT general trusts which do not adequately cover the special issues of these unique and very enjoyable firearms.  Call (937) 435-9999, email or fill out the questionnaire here today so I can get started writing Your NFA Gun Trust so you can enjoy and grow your collection now!


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